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Pete Davidson Turned Up to a Sold-Out ‘Avengers’ Showing With Enough McDonald’s for Everybody

Plus, “guacamole cheese” is raising eyebrows, and more food news to know today

Pete Davidson Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Pete Davidson finds a workaround to movie theater’s no-outside-food policy

Like the rest of the world, SNL cast member and occasional meme Pete Davidson went to the movies to catch “Avengers: Endgame” this weekend. Trips to the movie theater are always expensive and this was no exception, as Davidson bought not only tickets, but enough McDonald’s to feed the entire sold-out theater and its staff. Page Six reports that Davidson paid about $400 for the food — a likely welcome gesture, given that the film is more than three hours long. Also in attendance were some of Davidson’s buddies, possibly including John Mulaney based on Davidson’s Instagram post of the comedian in Baltimore on the same day. “Food poisoning doesn’t stop Mulaney,” Davidson captioned. We’ll assume the food poisoning is unrelated to the McDonald’s incident, otherwise this AM Intel would have a very different headline.

And in other news…

  • A “suspicious object” that caused Chicago police to shut down a street on Tuesday turned out to be… a can of Chef Boyardee on wheels? Turns out a college student had simply constructed a car prototype for class and placed it on the street to take a photo, as one does. The student ended up getting ticketed for disorderly conduct and breach of peace. Hope he got an A on that assignment! [Block Club Chicago]
  • The New York Times Food section is focusing this week on all the ways food is impacted by climate change. Here’s a quiz on the environmental impact of your diet that will absolutely make you feel terrible. [NYT]
  • Wendy’s is introducing a Frosty Cookie Sundae that actually looks pretty good? [BuzzFeed]
  • The cost of meat is rising due to supply shortages, presenting a threat to restaurants’ bottom lines. [Bloomberg]
  • A big green wheel of guacamole cheese. Love to see food innovation. [Cooking Light]
  • No-poach agreements, which long prevented fast-food workers from taking a job with a competing chain, are being steadily removed from employment contracts, meaning millions of workers can move between franchises now. [The New Food Economy]
  • The Labor Department ruled on Monday that gig economy workers, including Uber Eats drivers and others, are independent contractors, and therefore not protected by labor standards like the minimum wage. [HuffPost]
  • Why is iced coffee “so gay”? An investigation. [GQ]

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