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Canada Has a Real-Life Hamburglar and They’re Hacking the McDonald’s App

The Canadian Hamburglar has ordered thousands of dollars worth of McNuggets and poutine on customers’ accounts

McDonald’s app Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/picture alliance via Getty Images

Canadian “Hamburglar” terrorizes McDonald’s app users with thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges

Since January, there have been reports of a mysterious fraudster (or fraudsters) known in the Canadian media as the Quebec Hamburglar, who hacks McDonald’s app accounts and racks up hundreds or even thousands of dollars in charges on unsuspecting customers’ linked credit and debit cards by ordering meals for pick up in the province. The latest victim of this criminal enterprise, CBC News reports, is a Toronto tech writer, Patrick O’Rourke, whose app account was used to order $2,034 ($1,512 USD) worth of McDonald’s menu items in Montreal, including McNuggets, Big Macs, McFlurries, and poutine (oh, Canada).

While his bank eventually refunded the charges, O’Rourke told CBC News he isn’t pleased with McDonald’s response: “To me, it just seems a little bit negligent … like they don’t really care. McDonald’s should at least be sending out a mass email to everyone that has the account [to say], ‘Hey, you should reset your password.’” Reddit and Twitter are full of unhappy customers who have similarly been forced to turn to their banks and credit card companies instead of just receiving refunds from McDonald’s. Until the fast-food company improves the security of their app by adding two-factor authentication (ha), or their customer service by proactively warning and refunding customers (ha!), friends to the north, consider yourselves warned: best remove all payment options and delete the McDonald’s app from your phone.

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