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Buy a Condo, Get a Year’s Supply of Avocado Toast, Says Real Estate Developer

Plus, a new report says millennials are killing casual dining, and more news to know today

avocado toast
Avocado toast, dream (or nightmare?) of millennials everywhere.
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Condo developers invite millennials to buy a house, avocado toast on the side

In an attempt to court home buyers, a bougie new condo development in Vancouver, Canada, is making a familiar, shameless play for millennial homebuyers by promising a year’s supply of free avocado toast with the purchase of a $399,900+ ($296,000+ USD) home, Munchies reports. Each new resident of the Woodbridge Homes’ Kira condos will get a gift card to a local restaurant loaded up with enough cash for 52 orders of avocado toast—one for every weekend of the year. The property developers are also reducing the down payment from the customary 15-20 percent to just 10 percent, the Star Vancouver reports, but as far as viral marketing purposes go, that incentive clearly doesn’t hold a candle to some mashed-up avocado on bread, which young people have been forced to adopt as an avatar since an Australian real-estate tycoon infamously cited “smashed avocado” as a reason millennials aren’t buying houses anymore (sure, that’s why!). At least the Kira condos’ nod to the meme is in the form of a tangible perk, but according to the BBC’s avocado toast index, a deposit for a house in Vancouver costs about 17,421 avocado toasts — or about 335 years’ worth of indulging in smashed avo every week. Maybe it’s best not to base a major home-buying decision on wink-wink millennial perks, after all.

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