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Kourtney Kardashian’s Organic Wine Recommendations Are Surprisingly Good

The suggested drops on the reality star’s new lifestyle blog Poosh are thoughtful — and actually affordable

Rebecca McAlpin/Eater

There’s a new Kardashian product in the world, and its name is Poosh — a lifestyle blog from one of the reality sisters that’s not only a “curated experience,” but also a “destination for modern living.” The Kardashian in question here is Kourtney, who says she started the brand because she was inundated with Instagram direct messages from fans seeking advice on food, kids, beauty, and fashion. (And you’re not the only one thinking that this all sounds an awful lot like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop kingdom.)

There must have been a burning Q or two about wine, because Poosh is also recommending organic wines to its over 2 million followers. actually has good wine suggestions

Under Poosh’s health section — the site also touches on wellness, style, and home and entertaining — and in between posts covering ways to cut sugar from your life and the foods to flatten your belly is a list of organic wines worth trying, and dear Lord help us all, the list isn’t total crap.

In fact, it’s good and rather thoughtful. It spans regions to include both a cabernet sauvignon from Paso Robles and a falanghina from Italy’s Campania region that’s airy and packed with stone fruit notes. It includes a blanc de blanc from Alessandro Viola — a sought-after Italian producer — but doesn’t only call out cult-y winemakers. Price points are all accounted for too: That Agnanum falanghina retails for about $16, while the most expensive suggestion is a 2013 nebbiolo from Piemonte for $100. Goddammit, the list even touches on wines with skin fermentation! Namely Wilde Heimat from Germany’s 2Naturkinder.

The list is a great spread with nice variety, though it doesn’t scratch the surface of the world of organic and natural wines, which are so much more than just drinks that help you avoid hangovers. Not to mention some tasting notes for each of the wines would have been nice. But if Poosh becomes a go-to resource for natural wine recs, well, don’t say you weren’t warned.