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The Worst Things New York Diners Do in Restaurants

On the Eater Upsell this week, the GM of New York essential restaurant Win Son discusses dealing with needy patrons 

The dining room at Win Son Gary He/Eater

Have you ever told a host at a restaurant that the rest of your party was “right around the corner” or “one stop away” or “just parking the car”? Then you are one of the many types of diners general manager Erica Hall encounters while running the front of house at popular Brooklyn restaurant Win Son. Anxious-but-not-actually ready orderers, line hoppers, PDA couples, networkers, picky eaters, and groups that always want just one more chair — she sees these types and more night after night. And she talks about all of it with Daniel Geneen — he’s the guy who’s always sharing food with strangers at the next table — on this week’s episode of the Eater Upsell.

Listen to the full interview below.

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