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Netflix’s Pastry Disaster Show ‘Nailed It!’ Is Getting Three New International Spinoffs

Because funny cake fails have global appeal

Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres
Netflix/Nailed It!

After three American seasons and a Mexican spinoff, Netflix’s cake fail-oriented baking show Nailed It! is also getting remakes for Spain, Germany, and France. In a letter to investors that was sent out yesterday, Netflix announced plans to make versions of the funny competition show for these new markets, while also noting that the Mexican iteration of Nailed It! had “three times more first-month watchers in Mexico than the dubbed US version.”

The original series, hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and chocolatier Jaques Torres (the best on-screen food duo of 2018), was one of seven original food shows that Netflix launched last year, along with smash hits Ugly Delicious and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. While the show never garnered the critical acclaim of those other two series, it proved popular enough with audiences that Netflix announced a second season just one month after the original premiered, and the streaming giant also released a cheeky holiday series six months after Season 2 landed. The Mexican spinoff, which features a new host and main judge, premiered on Netflix in February.

A cake fail from Season 2
Nailed It!/Netflix

Magical Elves, the company that made Nailed It! with Netflix, has experience with taking a food show and replicating it in foreign markets: Top Chef, arguably the production team’s biggest hit, has spawned remakes in 22 countries, including Mexico, Spain, Germany, and France. It’s unclear when these new iterations of Nailed It! will be released, but hopefully they will be made available to American audiences, just like the first season of ¡Nailed it! México.

Stay tuned for any and all updates on the Nailed It! world domination plan as they become available.
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