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‘SNL’ Pokes Fun at Celebrity Wine Brands in ‘Chalmers Reserve’ Sketch Featuring Emma Stone

This wine is so bad it might make your hair catch on fire

SNL viewers who watched till the very end of last night’s Emma Stone-hosted episode were treated to this bizarre little sketch about a truly awful celebrity-backed wine brand. The faux commercial for Chalmers Reserve Event Wine features reality TV stars Trett and Leezan Chalmers (played by Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong), who briefly had a show called The Nastiest Summer Renters of Sag Harbor. Now they make one dollar wine that’s actually “72 percent golden grain alcohol.” Trett explains, “After the first sip, guests will be like, ‘This can’t be right. I must have mis-tasted this.’” And Leezan notes, “By the second sip, they won’t know great wine from leftover hot dog water.”

The Chalmers are joined in this winemaking venture by Sofia and Enzo Patudi (Emma Stone and Kyle Mooney) who share some of the secrets behind the brand, like the fact that it’s made with “grapes that didn’t make the cut for the better wine,” and it “stains your teeth and it don’t ever come out.” Enzo remarks, “We go to hell, maybe, for making this wine.” Sofia and Enzo also reveal that they are not even from Italy, but they signed a contract to speak with goofy Italian accents for a year. After they are ushered away, Trett takes a sip of the wine, spits it out on Leezan, and her hair catches on fire. Learn more secrets about Chalmers Reserve Event Wine in the video above.

In other SNL news, last night’s episode also featured a Weekend Update appearance by Instagram stars Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi (Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner). Here are their spring picnic tips:

SNL [YouTube]

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