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A Meat Lover’s Textbook, a Feminist Fruit Tote, and More Things to Buy This Week

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Confession: I have failed to keep my KeepCup.

I planned to, obviously. That’s the whole point of KeepCups, the glass-and-plastic coffee mugs designed for reuse. After Eater covered the growing popularity of KeepCups and other attractive reusable to-go cups, I bought myself one, excited to buy my way into a lifestyle change and become the environmentally conscious, self-possessed human I aspired to be.

I should have known better.

My KeepCup got a bit of use before it went missing — I took my morning tea to go on occasion and used it at work maybe once — but not enough to justify the price. Now I fear it’s sitting at the bottom of some trash can, where I accidentally threw it after mistaking it for one of the countless disposable coffee cups I’ve used before. After all, that’s exactly what happened to my metal straw, another product that I thought could transform my ways. I ended up throwing it out when tossing (in the recycling bin, I swear!) an empty can of LaCroix.

Good intentions can be strong, but our routines are usually stronger. For all the new products out there that purport to change the way we consume — “green” alternatives like silicone plastic baggies, gadgets to motivate you to DIY instead of buying ready-made — new purchases alone can’t get it done. Habits, especially when it comes to eating, die hard.

Things to buy

Things to know

  • It’s no viral Instant Pot (yet), but the Rotimatic is getting some fresh attention thanks to a tweet from Mindy Kaling. The kitchen gadget, which has been around for a few years, is like a big printer that spits out fresh rotis with just a few taps on a screen (and a not-insignificant amount of noise).
  • When it comes to cute-looking, healthy-ish snack foods, we’re living in a time of abundance. Even if you’re not a frequent consumer of sprouted nut milk, sesame butter, freeze-dried ice cream, or mushroom jerky, Pop-Up Grocer — a charming retail pop-up featuring all these snacks plus merch and food magazines — is worth a visit for those based in NYC. The shop will be open through this Sunday, April 14.
  • The Moka pot — that angular little metal coffee maker that sits pretty on your stovetop — is getting a fresh design, this time by British architect David Chipperfield for Italian brand Alessi.
  • Then again, you could just stick with the less chic but extremely convenient Nespresso.

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