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Michelob Ultra Is the Beer of Choice for Today’s Republicans

A pilot buys pizza for a plane full of stranded passengers, and more news to start your day

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The united bar tabs of America

Democrats and Republicans don’t see eye to eye on many issues these days, including the best forms of alcohol to imbibe. According to a new study by Will Feltus, the senior vice president of research for the ad-buying firm National Media, Democrats gravitate toward wine and brandy, while Republicans have a taste for bourbon and low-calorie beer. A nifty chart tracking political affiliations, voter turnout, and beverage choices indicates that many voting Republicans tend to order Michelob Ultra, while Democrats like to drink sauvignon blanc after hitting the polls:

Heineken is popular in the traditionally liberal Northeast, while bourbon is a perennial favorite among Southern Republicans. The study, which was culled from two years worth of data, also offers insights into which party drinks more. “[B]ased on the number of blue bubbles vs. red, it’s clear that Democrats are drinking more than Republicans,” Feltus tells Bloomberg. “Who could blame them?”

And in other news...

  • World-saving chef José Andrés is currently in Venezuela working with the local branch of his non-profit World Central Kitchen. The chef also appeared on WNYC’s Death, Sex, and Money podcast this week to talk about parenting. [Twitter, WNYC]
  • In the pages of GQ, Brett Martin profiles New Orleans-based chef/activist Tunde Wey. Martin describes his work as “a hybrid of political action, performance art, revolutionary rhetoric, impish provocation, and other assorted acts of public intellectualism, all built around a critique of the way we eat in America today.” [GQ]
  • A very cool Air Canada pilot ordered 23 pizzas for an entire plane full of people who were stranded in Toronto earlier this week. The pizzas were delivered directly to the plane. [People]
  • Melania doesn’t cook, but if she had to prepare a meal for the Trump family, she’s probably make spaghetti. [Jezebel]
  • A Friends superfan made an impressive replica of Central Perk out of Legos. [Laughing Squid]
  • And finally, Joe’s Steaks in Philadelphia is celebrating its 70th birthday this month by offering cheesesteaks made with pound cake. Behold the comfort food demogorgon: