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Watch: Two Master Butchers Say Beef Leg Is One of the Most Underrated Cuts

Ben and Brent make a case for merlot steak and beef shank on Prime Time

The Meat Hook owners Ben Turley and Brent Young are at their Brooklyn butcher shop in this episode of Prime Time to show off one of their favorite underrated cuts: the beef leg. “There are things we love about a beef leg that nobody really knows about,” says Turley. Among them are the beef shank — beloved for how tough the cut is and generally being an excellent value. A couple inches away is a cut known as the merlot steak which Turley considers one of the top three steaks on the animal.

“Generally people don’t think too much about the [beef] shank,” says Turley, a cut that happens to be Young’s favorite. “No one really gives it that much thought or care, but us being a whole animal butcher shop we have to care about every single thing, so we try to find value where other people don’t.”

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