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New ‘Queer Eye’ Trailer Is Full of People Confronting Their Demons (Plus Makeovers!)

Netflix’s hit lifestyle revamp show returns on March 15

For the third season of Queer Eye, the members of the Fab Five are helping a group of Midwesterners turn their lives around.

This new trailer indicates that just like the last two seasons, this new batch of episodes will pack a hefty emotional punch. And, as always, fans can expect some lighthearted moments intercut with all the heavy scenes of people trying to banish their personal demons. Last season, the crew broke new ground by focusing on a mother and son duo in one episode — previously, it was all men — and now the show will feature the first-ever installment about a lesbian teenage girl.

Although every episode includes at least one cooking scene, the trailer only has a single shot of food expert Antoni Porowski teaching a young fellow how to slice up some Brussels sprouts. The big comedic moment in this trailer is the clip of grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness reading a story to a bunch of kids at what looks like a summer camp. How did he find himself in that unusual scenario? And who are those kids? And what story is he telling them? The world will find out when Queer Eye returns to Netflix on March 15.

Queer Eye: Season 3 [YouTube]
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