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Watch: Why Max’s Restaurant Is a Beloved Filipino Chain

The restaurant is known for its iconic fried chicken

Halo Halo is back, and we’re in my hometown of Las Vegas for a highly special episode. Growing up Filipino in Las Vegas, my family and I celebrated just about every milestone we could at Max’s Restaurant — a Philippines-based chain that’s known for its fried chicken.

Max’s all began after WWII, when American G.I.s would visit the home of Maximo Gimenez’s to hangout, drink, and feast. The G.I.s were there so often that they eventually insisted on paying for their meals, which prompted Maximo to open a cafe [with the G.I.s requests of fried chicken and steak on the menu].

It was Maximo’s niece Ruby Trota who created the recipe for the now-famous fried chicken at Max’s, the one that’s a tender, juicy, and crispy staple for my family. Today, Max’s Restaurant has over 200 locations around the world, each a familiar reminder of home for Filipinos abroad.

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