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Watch Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant Play Oddball Meat Purveyors on ‘SNL’

Smokery Farms only sells products made from bad animals

During the middle of this week’s John Mulaney-hosted SNL, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant appeared on Weekend Update playing two goofy farm owners named Vaneta and Wylene Starkie, who only sell “meat from animals that are individually stupid and bad.”

The sisters explain that stories about virtuous animals like Picasso the paintbrush-wielding genius pig have made people think twice about eating meat. But carnivores don’t need to feel bad about buying products from their brand, Smokery Farms, because they only use the most undesirable animals. “All our crowd-favorite meat gifts are made from the dumbest, worst, most nothing personality’d farm junks,” Vaneta explains.

To help plug their brand, the sisters show Weekend Update host Colin Jost a “gorgeous little stinking basket” full of various cuts of meat. “This is made from a little dud who couldn’t do tricks, and he refused his Halloween costume,” Wylene says about a veal filet. “These are from lambs that would not stop body shaming the goats,” Vaneta remarks while showing off some chops. “These are bad criminals y’all, but they taste incredible.” The assortment also includes nuggets made from a chicken who couldn’t “identify himself in the mirror,” and bacon fashioned out of meat from “a little piggy who went to market and held its owner at gunpoint.”

While the jokes about the meat products are very silly, the funniest part of this sketch is watching McKinnon, Bryant, and Jost react to the odors emanating from the box full of meat. “That thing smells so bad,” Jost says with a laugh at the end of the sketch.

Last night’s SNL also featured a sequel, of sorts, to last year’s incredible “lobster diner” sketch. This new one is a mini-musical about what happens when you ask to use a bodega bathroom:

Weekend Update: Smokery Farms [YouTube]