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Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Budapest, Vienna, Zagreb, and More

Amador in Vienna gets three Michelin stars in the “Main Cities of Europe” guide

A dish at Zagreb restaurant Noel, which gets one star in the 2019 guide
A dish at Zagreb restaurant Noel, which gets one star in the 2019 guide
Noel [Official]
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Today Michelin, the French tire company with an expensive restaurant habit, announced the 2019 Michelin stars for what it calls the “Main Cities of Europe.” The 38th edition of the red guide includes 38 cities in 22 countries. For the first time, restaurants in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia and Reykjavik, Iceland make an appearance in the guide.

There’s just one new three-star restaurant on the list this year. Amador in Vienna makes the jump from two to three stars thanks to cooking that is “pared down yet multi-layered, creative, intense and full of contrasts,” according to the Michelin blog. The restaurant from chef Juan Amador is located in a cellar at Hajszan winery. It joins 22 other restaurants with Michelin’s top honor.

There are seven new restaurants with two stars. They bring the total number of two-starred restaurants to 92. The guide’s new cities don’t make the splashiest showing. Zagreb restaurants Agava and Tač are added to the list of Bib Gourmand restaurants, while Noel gets one star. It’s one of 44 newly single-starred restaurants in the guide. Dubrovnik restaurant 360˚ snagged a star in the 2018 Michelin guide to Croatia, and that star remains. Reykjavik, which lost its only Michelin star in the 2019 Nordic Countries guide, sees one new featured restaurant among the Bib Gourmand selections: Skál!, located in Iceland’s first food hall, offers casual, counter service dining.

The Main Cities of Europe guide includes 382 one-star restaurants and 1,900 restaurants total (both starred and not). Check out the full guide over at Michelin.

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