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Eater Editors Debate Vertically Slicing Bagels Like Bread

Cool or nah?

A photo of bagels cut up into super-thin vertical slices like Wonder Bread caused quite a stir on Twitter this morning. And mere moments ago, the editors of of were fiercely debating this practice, which is purportedly some St. Louis thing. Here now are both sides of the issue, from the Slack channel of Eater’s news team:

EaterMB: Ew. This is fucked up.

EaterBH: The center pieces would be so obnoxious and unwieldy.

EaterGM: I’m here for this, especially in light of the recent discourse surrounding the bulkiness of bagels.

EaterMM: This makes sense to me. Bagels are too dense.

EaterGM: Instead of half a bagel, just have a twelfth of a bagel with cream cheese or several twelfths. This style of cutting actually maximizes the surface area, so if you’re a toppings stan, then it might be a good upgrade.

EaterEDJ: (I also don’t hate this!)

EaterGM: These are basically big, un-toasted bagel chips, one of the best airport snacks.

EaterST: I’m in the “nah” camp.

EaterHDC: The whole point of a bagel is the contrast between the exterior and the interior and also the comical largeness of it as a carb for sandwiches; slicing it like bread ruins everything. Unless you are doing it to make some sort of bagel toast/chip. In which case... maybe.

EaterEK: Also, being able to hold it like its own lil plate that you can pile things on. Making it into small irregular pieces defeats the point, IMO.

EaterHDC: Yes good point.

EaterNC: How do you even eat those slices with cream cheese???

EaterST: Eat however you like. Who am I to tell you what you like best?

EaterSO: I have a lot of thoughts about this and the thoughts are that this is an atrocity.

EaterSC: Is this a thing cc @TheGoodsJR?

TheGoodsJR: Oh sure is!! St Louis bread Co., aka Panera, innovation. It is... good. Particularly for a very sweet bagel, like a cinnamon crunch or whatever they have.

EaterEA: The real problem is that they’re from Panera.

This concludes another round of Eater Editors Debate Food Things in Slack.

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