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Toast the Constitution With a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Beer

Plus, Milk Bar is making chocolate birthday cakes, and more news to start your day

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Attends Naturalization Ceremony At National Archives Alex Wong/Getty Images

But you’ll have to go to Boston to get it

Boston beer brand Sam Adams is releasing a beer in honor of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Fittingly for Ginsburg’s (at-times) fiery dissents, it’s a spicy Belgian IPA, named “When There Are Nine,” in reference to the judge’s response to a question about when there would be enough women on the Supreme Court. An event page for the beer’s release notes (perhaps jokingly) that there were plans to call the beer “Brut Bader Ginsburg” (“but our legal team, uh, dissented,” the page notes).

The beer has limited availability (like, for three hours this Friday), so mercifully, the beer company isn’t cashing in too hard on the image of a pioneering octogenarian.

And in other news...

  • McDonald’s has bought Israeli AI company Dynamic Yield to help it sell more stuff: the company’s technology can use environmental factors (weather, time of day) to subtly suggest items for customers to order. [Wired]
  • American doctors really want a tax on sugary drinks, per a statement from the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Is it because they care about your health, or they just hate you having the freedom to chug a gallon of corn syrup? [Quartz]
  • Cuts to food stamp funding are compounding Puerto Rico’s residual Hurricane Maria problems, causing a dire situation on the American island. [WaPo]
  • Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of defunct, messy Silicon Valley blood testing start-up Theranos, may not have been good at business, but at least one of her family members was: an HBO documentary on the company reveals that she’s the great-granddaughter of the creator of active dry yeast brand Fleischmann’s. [Munchies]
  • Read up on the history of one of Canada’s quintessential desserts, the creamy, chocolatey, no-bake Nanaimo Bar. [NYT]
  • Sentient sack of meat juice and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones got kicked out of Austin icon Lucy’s Fried Chicken for doing his trademark shouty thing. [Facebook]
  • In the ultimate tale of helicopter parenting gone too far, one Australian school had to ban parents from hand-delivering food from McDonald’s and KFC to their kids. []
  • Speaking of dessert, looks like Milk Bar is now doing chocolate birthday cakes. [Milk Bar]
  • The next device that’s out to steal real human jobs is this sleek li’l robot that can make 2,400 nigiri or 200 sushi rolls per hour. [YouTube/Mashable]

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