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French Protesters Torch Elite Paris Restaurant (and a Nespresso Store)

Plus, a drinkable version of onigiri, and other news to start the day

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Gilets Jaunes target opulent, caviar-laden Le Fouquet on the Champs-Elysées

Parts of Paris were shut down over the weekend as Gilets Jaunes (yellow vest) protesters took to the streets again. This time, the targets were status symbols of the rich and famous, including century-old Champs-Elysées restaurant Le Fouquet, which was torched and badly damaged. The brasserie has been popular among French politicians, with former President Nicolas Sarkozy even holding an election victory party there in 2007 (which many said made him seem out of touch with the people). One French TV network trotted out the menu to highlight the protesters’ point, noting the two types of caviar available, and the restaurant’s “bling-bling,” “opulent” image, while some took to TripAdvisor and other platforms to write joke reviews of the restaurant. Also torched was a Nespresso location — probably less of a destination for the French elite, but possibly a dig at George Clooney.

And in other news...

  • Do you love onigiri (Japanese rice balls), but wish they were available in a more gelatinous form? Happy Monday to you then, as one company has created a drinkable version of the dish. Available in plum-kelp and plum-bonito flake flavors, it looks goopy. [SoraNews24]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker took the mic at a New York City community board meeting to support an expansion to Gabe Stulman’s West Village restaurant Fedora — although it faces strong opposition. [Page Six]
  • Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat aren’t the only companies vying for supremacy in the fake meat game: In Hong Kong, upstart company Right Treat has come out with Omnipork, and it seems to be winning over some folks. [Guardian]
  • McDonald’s has launched vegan “chicken” nuggets made with potato, chickpeas, carrot, onion, and corn, breaded and fried, but as with several of the chain’s other experiments in veganism, it’s only available in Scandinavia. [Inc]
  • In other fast-food gimmicks, it’s the return of two novelty pizza items — Pizza Hut is bringing back its calzone-adjacent P’Zones, which have been off the menu since 2011, while Little Caesars is resurrecting the “Bacon Wrapped Deep!Deep! Dish Dish Pizza” [sic], which is basically a pepperoni pizza wrapped in 3.5 feet of bacon. [Foodbeast/Little Caesars]
  • Arby’s, Little Caesars, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Five Guys have all canned no-poach agreements, which prevent staff from seeking work at other franchises within the chain they work at. The change comes after investigations from multiple state-level attorneys general. [Restaurant Dive]
  • You’ll never forget where Kentucky is on the map again courtesy of this diagram, which hopefully is not just a stealth marketing campaign for KFC. [Twitter]

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