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Anyone Who Spends Long Hours Cooking (or Just Standing) Could Use These Socks

True Cooks’ Cook Life socks are an essential for chefs

Ellie Krupnick is executive director of editorial operations for Vox Media's lifestyle brands, and focuses on keeping Eater running smoothly. She previously edited Eater's shopping content, as well as lifestyle content on Racked, Mic, and HuffPost.

Here’s a wildly underrated kitchen tool that it’s time we talk about: socks.

Not socks used as pot holders in a pinch or some other cooking hack. Socks that you wear on your feet, when you’re standing over a counter or a hot stove for hours on end, when foot comfort is crucial.

“When you work in a restaurant, you really need to be taking care of your feet,” says Karen Akunowicz, chef and owner of Fox & the Knife in Boston. Her go-to, swear-by-it pair are Cook Life socks by True Cooks, a brand that sells apparel and gear created for and by chefs.

True Cooks Cooks Life Socks (original and shorty)

“You know when... you just did laundry and you have all of your clean clothes, but you’re digging for your favorite of something? I realized that’s what I was always doing with these socks,” Akunowicz says. “I was always looking for the black and white True Cook socks.”

The socks are made with a breathable microfiber that’s 80% cotton and wicks away moisture, plus they’re cushy and super comfortable. “These socks are specifically designed to stand up to a 12-hour work day,” says the Top Chef alum. “They’re extra thick, they’re cross-stitched, and the pattern is a throwback to old-school houndstooth chef pants.”

Socks aren’t nearly as discussed within the restaurant industry as shoes are (debates over clog styles have abounded for years). But they’re pretty darn important when it comes to professional comfort, and there are good pairs and crappy pairs.

“Whether you’re in the kitchen or whether you’re in the front of the house, I recommend these for anyone who’s on their feet eight or more hours a day,” says Akunowicz. “And not only for cooks — but for anybody on their feet, whether you’re a nurse or a hairdresser or just somebody that stands all day.”

The socks, which come in tall and “shorty” styles, are a little pricey (Akunowicz got her first pair in a swag bag at an event), but they’re oh so worth it: “They are not only thick and feel awesome on your feet; at the end of the day, when I get home, my feet feel 40% better if I was wearing these socks.”

Adds Akunowicz, “They’re definitely as important as what’s in your knife roll.”

Buy True Cooks Cooks Life Shorty 2-Pack Socks, $16

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