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Winemaker, Beverage Exec Charged in College Admissions Fraud Scandal

Plus, the history of “government cheese,” and other news to start the day


A former casino exec and frozen burrito magnate also face charges

The food and beverage world was not spared in news of a college admissions scam that broke yesterday, most famously involving actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin. The widely reported scam was elaborate and multi-pronged, with the parents of college applicants paying up to millions of dollars for fake athletics credentials or unfair advantages on standardized tests in order to gain admission to top schools.

And in other news...

  • Permanently trapped in a time warp six months to two years behind the independents, Starbucks is now offering oat milk at some stores. [CNBC]
  • In Starbucks news abroad, the chain is trying to push coffee delivery in China, but is falling behind local competitor Luckin. Apparently there’s a surprisingly large market for people who want their coffee lukewarm, after taking a ride through congested city streets. [WSJ]
  • The Times profiles the former pushy PETA activist who switched from a stick to a carrot approach, founding the Good Food Institute and funding meat-free products like the Impossible Burger. [NYT]
  • Also in the Times, a thoughtful look at the challenges of eating out while plus-sized, and how some restaurants are trying to be accommodating. [NYT]
  • CNBC has an intriguing mini-doc on how “government cheese” — processed cheese supplied to welfare recipients — was actually a form of welfare for the farmers who made it. [via Digg]
  • The chocolate malt cake, a Milk Bar staple, is set to get cancelled very soon. [Twitter]
  • Meat dress Barbie is so 2018: introducing blini Barbie, here for all your Doctor Zhivago re-enactment needs. [Twitter]

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