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Watch: Can the Worst Steak Be Saved With a Tub of Beef Fat?

Butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young try to salvage the flavorless eye of round

Whole-animal butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young are quick to gush about their favorite cuts of steak — like merlot and beef shank, to name a few — and have even devoted entire episodes of Prime Time to the underrated ones.

But this episode is all about the duo’s least favorite cut, the “womp womp” of all the muscles of all the animals, the one that for them has zero redeeming qualities: the eye of round. Turley and Young are determined to improve on the super tough, flavorless cut by trying out a couple different experiments including resting it in beef fat after cooking, vacuum sealing and submerging the steak beef fat, and poaching in a bath of fat. The hope is that cooking the eye of round in its own fat will impart better flavor and texture, “both things that it needs desperately,” says Turley.

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