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‘Yelp For Trump Supporters’ Is Here to Protect the MAGA Crowd

Plus, the political delusions of grandeur continue from Starbucks’s founder, and more news to start the day

President Donald Trump Departs White House To Survey Alabama Tornado Damage Mark Wilson/Getty Images

‘Keeping Conservatives Safe’ is its tagline

Trump supporters have a new resource available to ensure they only patronize establishments where tacky red hats are welcome: A new Yelp-style app will give ratings on whether restaurants and other businesses are Trump-friendly. The Daily Beast discovered the app, named 63red Safe, over the weekend, noting that the app’s advent apparently stems from conservatives claiming that they are treated with “Magaphobia” (yes, that word is being used seriously) in many businesses. The app’s creator says he hopes it’ll protect wearers of tacky red hats from “socialist goon squads” by marking restaurants as “safe” and “unsafe” based on answers to four questions. Those include “Does this business serve persons of every political belief?” and “Does this business allow legal concealed carry under this state’s laws?” Apparently, “safe” is now synonymous with “loaded firearms on the premises.”

And in other news...

  • Guardian critic Jay Rayner is launching a podcast where he’ll take a guest out to a fancy meal each episode. Between singer Jessie Ware and actor Stanley Tucci, it seems the interviewees won’t necessarily be from the food world. [Twitter]
  • Toronto social media icon Taylor Clarke (better known as chef Grant Soto) died of an accidental overdose over the weekend — he was known for skewering the city’s restaurant and bar scenes on Instagram. [Twitter]
  • The Times has a fascinating report on the dispute between white winery owners (controlling large swaths of land — some of it public), and black South Africans (facing a housing shortage in the same region). [NYTimes]
  • After appearing on a SXSW panel in Austin, it seems that Starbucks founder Howard Schultz’s delusions continue: He now suggests that polls indicating that he couldn’t win a presidential election are wrong. [Entrepreneur]
  • In an unusual pivot, chef Emmanuel Renaut of three-Michelin starred restaurant Flocons de Sel will open a restaurant on a Princess Cruises ship in the Caribbean. He’s not the first chef of this calibre to get into cooking for the masses at sea — Thomas Keller did it too; presumably, Renaut won’t be serving a buffet. [Newswire]
  • This Kansas couple has eaten at the same location of line-dance chain restaurant Texas Roadhouse six days a week for 15 years. The only reason it’s not seven appears to be due to a work schedule conflict. Points for consistency? [Wichita Eagle]
  • California Republican congressman Devin Nunes concludes that we now live in a socialist dystopia because a server asked if he wanted a straw. [Twitter]
  • Brighten up your Monday with this very wholesome video of Guy Fieri, incognito, riding a Disney World rollercoaster. [Twitter]

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