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Watch: No Trip to Porto, Portugal Is Complete Without the Francesinha Sandwich

The city’s iconic sandwich has two types of sausage plus ham, steak, bologna, and cheese

Filmmaker and vlogger Iz Harris is finding herself a bit starry-eyed in Porto, Portugal — her fifth and final stop with her family on their trip up and down Portugal’s coast in Eater’s new series Travel, Eat, Repeat. Porto is a colorful coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its port wine production and bridges; but locals say the francesinha sandwich shouldn’t be missed on a visit.

Born in Porto, the traditional francesinha sandwich manages to stuff two types of homemade sausage, ham, steak, bologna, and cheese between two thick layers of bread; that’s then topped with a fried egg and beer gravy and served surrounded by fries intended for dipping. “How can it not be good but also how could it be good?” wonders Harris. The family visits Café Santiago F to decide.

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