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Millennials Are Killing Animals (and Now It’s a Trend)

Plus, creepy Colonel Sanders bearskin rugs have arrived, and more news to start your day


Finally, something millennials aren’t killing: hunting

The number of hunters in America has been on the decline since the ‘80s, but that trend is reversing thanks in part to...millennials! That’s right, the generation responsible for killing cable, American cheese, and breastaurants is also killing wild geese and deer — but instead of mounting antlers on their walls, they’re looking to hunting their own wild game as a source of sustainable, local meat for dishes like goose pho and beaver-tail lardo.

This Colonel Sanders bearskin rug really ties the room together

KFC’s latest marketing stunt involves Colonel Sanders faux-bearskin rugs, just in time for an ultra-creepy Valentine’s Day rendezvous in front of the fire. Tragically, this terrifying piece of home decor isn’t available for purchase, but you can win one on Reddit.


And in other news...

• Chef and World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés attended POTUS’s State of the Union address last night sporting an “Immigrants Feed America” shirt. [HuffPost]

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer allegedly left a $1 tip on a $20 tab at a NYC pizzeria. (People estimates her net worth at $18 million.) [Page Six]

• Ex-Starbucks CEO and presidential hopeful Howard Schultz says the term “billionaires” has become a “catchphrase”; perhaps we should consider calling them “people of means” instead? [CBS News]

• To celebrate its newest outpost in Osaka, Taco Bell Japan is serving okonomiyaki burritos, a pseudo-Mexican riff on the popular savory pancake dish; they’re “stuffed with sliced cabbage, red peppers, meat and cheese and covered with a savory sauce.” [Kotaku]

• Michelin has unveiled its selections for its first Cantonese food guide. The guide includes restaurants in the U.S., Europe, and Asia and marks its first guidebook focused on a specific regional cuisine. [Michelin]

• Should you invest in Chipotle stock? Maybe, maybe not. [NY Mag]

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