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Trump Golf Courses Quietly Fire Undocumented Food Service Workers

Plus, Shake Shack unleashes chicken nuggets, and more news to start your day

Donald Trump visits one of his golf courses in Turnberry, Scotland in 2018
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Trump properties are ousting undocumented workers

One of the many, many, many great ironies of the Trump administration has been the fact that as POTUS continues his campaign for a border wall to keep undocumented immigrants from entering the U.S., Trump properties have long relied on the labor of undocumented workers. Now, two years into Trump’s presidency, that’s changing: Several Trump golf courses have quietly fired at least 18 undocumented workers over the past couple months, including food service employees and maintenance and housekeeping staff — at least one of whom had worked there for nearly two decades.

And in other news...

• Shake Shack is launching Chick’n Bites (aka chicken nuggets) nationwide “for a limited time.” (After sampling them last fall, Eater NY critic Ryan Sutton declared them “America’s next great fast-food chicken nugget.”) [QSR]

• The real backlash to ex-Starbucks CEO and independent presidential hopeful Howard Schultz has begun: A Democratic super PAC has unleashed opposition research about Starbucks coughing up $46 million to settle various employee lawsuits under Schultz’s leadership. [CNBC]

• The Washington State baker selling heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies emblazoned with “Build the Wall” is not sorry and thinks everyone should “lighten up.” [The Takeout]

• Costco is now selling a 24-pound wedding cake made entirely of cheese — Red Leicester, Danish Blue, a wine-infused goat cheese called Murcia al Vino, a Tuscan sheep’s-milk cheese, and Brillat-Savarin triple cream brie, to be specific. The five-tier beaut costs $439.99 and serves up to 150 people. [Delish]

• WTF: A German bratwurst museum is considering relocating to the site of a former Nazi prison camp. Understandably, Jewish activists are not happy. [Munchies]

• Here’s a hilariously grim reimagining of the Great British Bake-Off in a post-Brexit landscape: Baking challenges might includeYour favorite savory hand pie that can be served to members of a potential all-British, zero-immigrant labor force as a quick lunch in the fields/mines/farms/railways for whose upkeep they will be responsible.” [New Yorker]