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Watch: How the Pastry Chef at the MGM Grand Finds Time to Compete in Global Chocolate Competitions

Master chef Florent Cheveau might just be one of the busiest pastry chefs on the Las Vegas Strip

Welcome back to Chefs of the Strip, Eater’s mini series following Las Vegas Strip chefs.

Master chef Florent Cheveau, the executive pastry chef at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, might spend the hours in his day figuring out how to print a logo on 10,000 macarons, insuring that each pastry is perfectly puffed, or getting custom tiered cakes delivered to the up to 30 events happening on any given day at the resort.

Still, the chef’s true love is chocolate. “You can literally do anything with it,” he says. “You just have to be crazy enough to try things that just don’t make sense.” In October, Cheveau competed in the 2018 Cacao Barry World Chocolate Masters Competition in Paris, France — one of the biggest chocolate competitions in the world; the only United States delegate at the competition placed third out of 20 international competitors in the event.

Cheveau worked 18- to 20-hour days testing 155 recipes over more than 600 hours just to find that perfect balance of elements in his chocolate bonbon — all while running the pastry operations at one of the buzziest hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

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