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Instagram’s World-Record Egg Finally Cracked on Super Bowl Sunday

Plus, the strange story behind the celery juice craze, and more news to start your week

Instagram’s most famous egg finally cracked

The mysterious egg that bested young billionaire Kylie Jenner for the most-liked Instagram post of all time finally cracked on Super Bowl Sunday (or did it hatch? IDK): In a 30-second ad on Hulu, the egg revealed a mental health PSA that mentioned “the pressure of social media.” While some followers were underwhelmed by the big reveal, many were pleasantly surprised that the ad execs behind the famous egg chose to go this route rather than just making a huge cash-grab by selling out to a big brand.

And in other news...

• According to this highly scientific experiment, the optimal time to eat McDonald’s fries is within five minutes of frying. After 18 minutes, they’re basically inedible (duh). [The Takeout]

• Papa John’s shall not go quietly into the night: An investment firm is pumping $200 million into the beleaguered pizza chain and installing its CEO as the chain’s new chairman. [WSJ]

• The man who sparked the obnoxious celery juice wellness craze says a voice told him to do it. [Quartz]

• Turns out breakfast is not in fact the most important meal of the day, according to scientists. [Vox]

• How Chinese restaurants get shut out of the Bay Area’s organic food movement. [SF Chronicle]

• The murky world of wine pricing is largely responsible for who drinks what, where — and it’s often full of questionably legal wheeling and dealing. [WSJ]

• Finally, Super Bowl halftime performer Adam Levine’s tattoos are being compared to the bags from a certain pseudo-Mexican fast-casual chain:

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