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America’s Favorite New Pastime Is Dunking on This Fox News Anchor’s Queso

Twitter users had a blast making fun of this ghastly version of the beloved cheese dip

Queso at Dallas restaurant Chicken Moto
A delicious bowl of Queso from Dallas restaurant Chicken Moto (NOT the one that Dana Perino made during the Super Bowl)
Kathy Tran/Eater Dallas

One way that people across America amused themselves during an extremely boring Super Bowl was by making fun of Fox News anchor Dana Perino’s game day “queso” on Twitter. The brown goo that the former White House press secretary posted to Twitter with the words “I made queso” looks absolutely nothing like the delicious mixture of cheese and chiles that has become known as the unofficial dish of Texas. Although queso — short for “chile con queso” — can take on many forms, most varieties are yellow, white, or orange-hued. The dip typically has a smooth consistency. And, generally speaking, this dish does not look like the evil sludge drained from a cursed mummy’s crypt [Warning: ugly food photos ahead...]

This bizarre photo inspired some Twitter sleuths to hunt for The Daily Briefing host’s recipe, and lo and behold, it was actually buried deep within her timeline all along:

In her defense, Perino acknowledged the jokes about her queso and initially tried to have a good sense of humor about getting dragged by thousands of internet quipsters, tweeting, ”At least tweets about my terrible queso are more entertaining than this game.” But this tweet couldn’t stop the peanut gallery for piling on. And later in the evening, it seemed that the jokes were starting to get on the news anchor’s nerves. Around 8 p.m. Perino tweeted, “I had no idea there was elitist foodie twitter. Good to know! Anyway, the queso is gone and the salad is still sitting there. So...whatever dudes!”

The original tweet and the recipe from a few years ago inspired a number of responses that break down into three general categories: 1) visceral reactions to Perino’s queso/jokes about what it looks like; 2) meme versions of the tweet with other unappetizing photos; 3) comedic riffs on the list of ingredients in that recipe.

Here are the best reactions to Dana Perino’s atrocious game day dip:

If all of these jokes made you curious about what queso is actually supposed to look and taste like, please check out Amy McCarthy’s comprehensive history of the dish.

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