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Andy Warhol Eats a Whopper in Burger King’s Super Bowl Commercial

The burger chain’s mystery ad is an old clip of the legendary artist eating a burger

For Burger King’s first Super Bowl commercial in 13 years. the chain put together a cleverly simple 45-second spot featuring archival footage of Andy Warhol eating a Whopper, with the added hashtag #eatlikeandy. This footage was part of Danish filmmakerJørgen Leth’s 1982 film 66 Scenes of America. Warhol played around with food branding in his work, and now a major food brand is turning footage of the famous artist into an advertisement. Unlike many commercials that aired during the big game, this one was not released ahead of time.

“We felt really strongly about the idea that we had. It’s very unique, very different and something only Burger King could do—literally,” the brand’s global chief marketing officer, Fernando Machado, tells Ad Week. “No other brand could do what we’re about to do.” The chain teased this Super Bowl ad with a 30-second video starring the King that we released last week:

And Burger King also released an uncut clip of the original Andy eating-a-burger footage:

The chain is currently offering a promotional deal that ties into the mystery surrounding this ad, where customers can get limited edition $10 “mystery boxes” delivered by Door Dash from participating locations.

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