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Dude Eats Expired Food for a Year and Lives to Tell About It

Plus, who wants “Game of Thrones” Oreos, and more news to start your day

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A milk carton with a sell-by date Shutterstock

Man survives year of eating expired food just to prove a point

In case you didn’t already know, sell-by dates on food packages are mostly a sham (source: I regularly consume eggs two to three weeks past the sell-by date and am still alive), meaning a shitload of food is unnecessarily thrown out. A man from Maryland felt passionately enough about this subject to spend an entire year eating food that was technically expired, including year-old tortillas, meat that was weeks past the sell-by date, and even romaine that had been recalled due to E. coli — and guess what, he’s fine. (The USDA has actually been telling people for years that it’s fine to eat many foods past the sell-by dates, but who do you trust more — the government or Scott Nash, a dad from Maryland?)

And in other news...

• Avocado toast-themed dad shoes are here, thanks to Saucony. They cost $130, which is probably equal to the cost of 10 to 15 orders of avocado toast depending on what city you reside in — but repping a tired millennial food trend on your feet? That’s priceless. [Saucony]

• Starbucks just opened a fancy 32,000 square-foot Roastery in Tokyo, now its biggest store in the world. It includes a Princi bakery, a cocktail bar, and unusual drinks such as a black tea latte garnished with turmeric cotton candy. [CNN]

• Here come Game of Thrones Oreos, which seems like a weird tie-in given all the rape and incest in that show but sure! [Foodbeast]

• FedEx is teaming up with Pizza Hut to test last-mile delivery robots. The real question is, is it ethical to not tip your robot delivery person? [CNBC]

• The Caviar delivery app now highlights women-owned restaurants, which feels a little patronizing but hey, maybe sometimes you’re just craving tacos that have been touched by female hands. [The Verge]

• Because humans are incapable of dropping a deuce without their iPhones, restaurants are now focusing on making their bathrooms Instagrammable. [Nation’s Restaurant News]