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The Fancy Restaurant Wine Glasses That Aren’t Fancy at All

They may accompany tasting menus, but Schott Zwiesel’s glasses are only $10 apiece

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Getting someone to spend hours on the internet while on vacation voluntarily is a feat unto itself. But a Schott Zwiesel wine glass had me taking time in Mallorca, sitting inside an Airbnb, eyes glued to Williams Sonoma’s website.

My internet journey was prompted by a dinner at A Fuego Negro in San Sebastian, one of the restaurants my boyfriend and I chose for a classier night out while on vacation. I was thrilled we were able to get a reservation, since there are only a handful each night — one seating for each of the restaurant’s six tables — and we hadn’t made reservations before traveling. Yet I spent equal time ogling the food and the wine glasses.

Schott Zwiesel Forte All Purpose Wine Glass

The food at A Fuego Negro is decidedly Basque and delightful in presentation, with playful personal touches. We ordered a bottle of wine, and upon taking the first sip, my boyfriend remarked, “These are nice glasses, we should get a set.” While we fawned over the house pickles and a basket of fried tempura vegetables, we talked about how elegant the glasses felt. But they also weren’t precious and somehow felt casual enough for the restaurant, which is extremely laid-back despite its Michelin star and tasting menu. In short, the glasses seemed just right for a sip of wine after work, but also fancy enough for a dinner party.

Dessert came out — an ode to the sweet cereal and milk of childhood — and our server asked if we were interested in more drinks. Another bottle solidified it; we were sold. From a glance at the base of the glasses, we made note of the brand: the not-so-rare Schott Zwiesel. The German company offers a large lineup, and A Fuego Negro used two types of glasses — one for red, one for white — from Schott Zwiesel’s Forte line.

We ended up ordering the Forte All Purpose Wine Glasses, which work perfectly for both reds and whites (and anything in between), come as a set of six, and are reasonably priced at $10 a piece. There are plenty of great wine glasses out there, but for the price and sturdiness, these are a staple for anyone looking to upgrade their current lineup. They’re hearty enough to go in the dishwasher, and so far, I’ve only broken one (by enthusiastically diving for a piece of cheese and knocking it off the table).

And the two hours spent on the computer during vacation paid off: The wine glasses were waiting when we got back from Mallorca, just in time to toss the old. We haven’t looked back.

Buy Schott Zwiesel Forte All Purpose Wine Glasses, $60 for six

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