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Watch: This Seoul Omakase Blends Japanese Tradition With Korean Ingredients

Chefs Bomi Kim and Young Woon Kwon prepare a kaiseki menu at their restaurant Mitou

Deep within Seoul, two Korean chefs decided to build not just a restaurant around the Japanese style of cooking known as kaiseki, but their entire lives. After meeting in Japan, chefs Bomi Kim and Young Woon Kwon knew they wanted to create a menu that would honor Japan’s most formal dining tradition — but they would also do it with only Korean ingredients.

The duo opened Mitou, their collaborative omakase restaurant that accentuates the flavors that Korean people know and love, while maintaining the Japanese origins of each dish. “We opened this restaurant together because we felt that we could make better dishes as a team, rather than on our own,” says Kim. The partnership between Kim and Kwon is also what Mitou guests say make the restaurant a welcoming experience, and a must visit in Seoul.

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