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Watch: Hawaiʻi Locals Can’t Get Enough of Zippy’s

The fast food chain goes far beyond poke, Kalua pig, and poi

When thinking about food from Hawaiʻi you’re probably thinking about poke, Kalua pig, and poi. And while these dishes might be the most famous across the Islands, they don’t tell the whole story. To really eat like a local, a visit to an iconic restaurant chain called Zippy’s is required. Sure Hawaiʻi has locations of popular chains like McDonald’s, Popeyes, and Burger King, but it’s Zippy’s and only Zippy’s that Hawaiʻi is so hopelessly devoted to.

One reason is probably how massive the menu is: offering diner staples like breakfast and burgers alongside the island comfort food Hawaiʻi is known for. “Food in Hawaiʻi is really complex and I had no idea that one chain could meaningfully try to capture a lot of that,” says Eater’s special correspondent Meghan McCarron — a newly minted fan of the regional chain.

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