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Watch: A Live-Fire Hearth Is the Centerpiece at Washington, D.C.’s Maydan

Middle Eastern-spiced ribeye is on the menu (and the grill) on the latest episode of Prime Time

Butcher shop owners Ben Turley and Brent Young are unabashed steak purists who tell everyone who shops at their Brooklyn butcher shop the Meat Hook to cook their steak with just salt and pepper. So the Prime Time hosts are more than a little curious to talk to Chris Morgan and Gerald Addison — the chef-owners of Washington, D.C.’s Maydan — who cook a ribeye coated in Middle Eastern herbs and spices like blue fenugreek and adjika.

The most notable feature of Maydan is the giant, live-fire hearth inside the main dining room, which is where the ribeyes will be cooked slowly alongside Maydan’s vegetables, kebabs, and other proteins like whole chickens and duck breast. “It’s pretty simple, but we thoroughly believe that cooking over a fire — you really can’t get better flavor than that,” says Morgan.

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