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Watch: Testing Three Recipes on the Legendary $1,850 Thermomix

Can the pricey gadget that boasts 12 cooking functions really do it all?

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“If you’re going to surrender your counter space to a kitchen gadget, it might as well be one that does it all,” boasts the product description for the Thermomix. But the kitchen gadget that can do everything comes at a high price tag. For the uninitiated, the Thermomix is a kitchen gadget with a very devoted fanbase and it comes in at $1,850.

Thermomix defines being able to do it all in its 12 functionalities: weighing, timing, sautéing, melting, steaming, stirring, emulsifying, whipping, chopping, blending, grinding, and kneading — some of which Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi is putting to the test. Choi is joined by culinary producer Ian McNulty in this episode and the duo is trying out the lofty gadget with three recipes: risotto, salmon with soup and vegetables; and traditional hollandaise.

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