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Humans Compete for Best in Show in ‘Avocados From Mexico’ Super Bowl Commercial

Well-groomed humans vie for a trophy full of guacamole

A “human canine show” is the subject of this new 30-second commercial from Avocados from Mexico that’s slated to air during the big game on Sunday.

The ad depicts a competition straight out of Best In Show, except instead of dogs, their carefully-groomed owners are the ones vying for the grand prize: a bunch of dishes made with avocados. Broadway fixture Kristin Chenoweth is one of the judges of this spectacle. The match includes a bearded gentleman who’s groomed like an Afghan Hound, a woman whose shaggy hairdo resembles that of a Portuguese Water Dog, and a short-haired guy who embodies the spirit of a Basenji. Some of the dog-like humans get too excited and make a run for the prize table, but as the judges explain, that’s a move that can land you in the “penalty cone.” The spot ends with a woman trying, unsuccessfully, to eat guacamole with a plastic cone around her neck.

“Top Dog” is just one of many irreverent food-related commercials that are slated to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday. In addition to this 30-second game day ad, Avocados from Mexico also released a minute-long cut this week that features the humans prancing around the floor of the show, and a trophy full of guacamole being handed out to one lucky winner:

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