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‘Golden Girls’ Cruise Sets Sail in 2020 With Cheesecake and a Bar Crawl

Plus, a profile of Nigella Lawson as her first cookbook turns 20, and more food news to know

Hallmark Channel

Golden Girls cruise will set sail in 2020

A Golden Girls cruise is in the works, and it’s bound to be a real rager: “Golden Girls at Sea” will disembark from Miami on February 24, 2020, with on-board activities including a cheesecake party, a bar crawl, karaoke, trivia, crafts, and bingo. The question is, who loves Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose enough to cough up $1,000 per person? (A cheaper option may have been a visit to the Golden Girls-inspired cafe in NYC, but it closed after less than a year. Oh well, there’s always reruns.)

And in other news...

• Here’s what actual chefs think about Chef, James Patterson’s new thriller about “a policeman turned food truck operator in New Orleans who uncovers a terrorist threat during Mardi Gras” (and more importantly, who has more than 200K Instagram followers!). [Bloomberg]

• The New York Times’s Besha Rodell profiles British cookbook author and TV host Nigella Lawson, whose seminal work How to Eat recently turned 20 years old. [NYT]

• A startup reverse-engineered coffee made without actual coffee beans, just in case the beverage goes extinct due to climate change. Called Atomo, it mimics coffee on a molecular level — and yes, it’s got a Kickstarter. [Fast Company]

• Unsurprisingly, Papa John’s is struggling: At least one Wall Street analyst believes the beleaguered chain will have to slash prices to compete with other pizza chains, meaning it may have to subsidize its franchisees until it can win back customers. [CNBC]

• Finally, enjoy this nostalgic, amusing, and often disgusting Twitter thread about weird childhood food habits. Already-been-chewed Cheez-Its, anyone? [@SamSanders]

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