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Noma 2.0 Gets Two Michelin Stars in the 2019 Nordic Countries Guide

There are no new three-star restaurants this year

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A dish from Noma 2.0’s first seafood menu
Jason Loucas/Noma
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

René Redzepi’s relaunch of groundbreaking Copenhagen restaurant was undoubtedly a success. Critics loved it from the get-go, and the restaurant’s new three-season concept (seafood, vegetables, meat) is in the midst of its second cycle. But, whether Noma 2.0 would achieve the same awards success as its predecessor, or exceed it, was unclear — until now. This week Michelin awarded Noma 2.0 two stars in the 2019 guide to Nordic Countries, the same number the first Noma held since 2007, even after being named the “world’s best restaurant” on four separate occasions. Who knows what fantastical foraged ant concoction it will take for Redzepi to secure that elusive third star?

The 2019 guide to Nordic Countries covers Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, and Noma is joined by two new two-star restaurants. Gastrologik in Stockholm and Koks in the Faroe Islands both gained a star in the latest guide from the French tire company. Koks chef Poul Andrias Zisca also won the Michelin Nordic Guide Young Chef award for his cooking at the remote fine dining restaurant.

Four new one-star restaurant in made Michelin’s Nordic countries guide: Alouette in Copenhagen; Palace in Helsinki; and Fagn and Credo in Trondheim, Norway. It’s the first time Trondheim has appeared in the guide at all. Meanwhile, Iceland lost its only Michelin star: Dill, which was awarded its first star in the 2017 guide, is not among the starred selections this year.

There are no new three-star restaurants on the list this year. Last year, Michelin upped the total number of three stars to three with the addition of Frantzén, giving Sweden a three-Michelin-star spot for the first time. Maaemo in Oslo also has three stars, as does Geranium in Copenhagen, a 2016 addition to the guide that raised some eyebrows for being a three-Michelin starred restaurant in Copenhagen that is not Noma.

The guide includes 64 restaurants total: three three-star, 10 two-star, and 51 with one star. See the full list of Michelin stars in the Nordic countries over at the Michelin site.

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