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Delightfully Warped Comedy ‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ Returns This Week

Host Amy Sedaris has a whole new batch of cooking and crafting tips at the ready 

At Home With Amy Sedaris, a hilarious take on lifestyle/entertaining programs like Barefoot Contessa and the Martha Stewart Show, returns this Tuesday, February 19 at 10 p.m. on TruTV. In the trailer for Season 2, Sedaris explains, “This show is about hospitality: the act of welcoming guests into your home so you don’t have to go to theirs.”

Although it’s full of cooking and crafting segments, the show is really a sketch comedy series at heart. Sedaris created the show with Paul Dinello, her collaborator on the cult classic Comedy Central series Strangers With Candy, and each episode features guest stars playing characters that are just as colorful as the host’s giddy homemaker persona. This new season will feature cameos from Rose Byrne, James Monroe Iglehart, Susan Sarandon, Michael Shannon, Fred Armisen, John Early, Ana Gasteyer, and Justin Theroux (presumably repeating his retro astronaut character from Season 1).

“I was inspired by local hospitality shows I would watch growing up,” Sedaris told Eater before the first season of the show premiered in 2017. “I remember pointing to those and saying, ‘I’m going to do my own hospitality show one day.’ I always wanted to do that. Because I like playing house, I like cooking, I like talking to a camera, talking to people that would come on the show. I always played ‘hospitality show’ growing up.” Indie rock veteran Mark Ibold and jewelry designer Hannah Clark — a duo that worked on food styling for Lucky Peach — helped create the culinary aesthetic of the show.

Check out the star-studded trailer for Season 2 above, and watch a clip from tomorrow night’s teenager-themed premiere (featuring a cameo from John Early) below.

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