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In-N-Out-Inspired Sneakers Are Better Than Its Fries

Plus, a new restaurant will serve airline food, and more news to start your week


In-N-Out inspires some very on-brand Puma sneakers

Attention, Animal-style die-hards: In-N-Out-themed Puma sneakers are here. The white sneakers feature In-N-Out’s signature red and yellow color combo, as well as palm tree-print laces that mimic the ceramic tiles found inside each restaurant. (Of note: These are not an official collab with the fast-food chain, so get yours quick before the inevitable cease-and-desist letter goes out.)

And in other news...

• Customers continued to wait in line at the drive-thru of an A&W restaurant even though the building was on fire. [KCRA]

• Jimmy Fallon sent David Letterman avocado toast for Christmas, and the elder late-night host responded with a card reading, “Thanks for the guacamole, kid.” [Vulture]

• AirAsia is launching a fast-food restaurant based on its in-flight menu of dishes like Malaysian nasi lemak. Let’s hope U.S. airlines don’t follow suit. [Straits Times]

• Venture capitalists are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at fast-casual startups, hoping to hit it big with the next Sweetgreen. [Wired]

• This American Life takes on the murky origin tale of “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,” aka the completely fabricated notion that MSG causes headache or other ailments. [This American Life]

This post has been updated to note that the Puma sneakers are In-N-Out-inspired and not an official brand collaboration.

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