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The Best Tweets About Trump Waiting for an Omelet

He needed a hearty breakfast after declaring an emergency

Omelette photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images. Trump photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Getty Images

The morning after declaring a national emergency in a bid to fund his border wall, President Trump was back at his cherished golf club in Florida, waiting in line for an omelet. J.D. Durkin, the D.C. bureau chief for Cheddar, tweeted this photo of the POTUS on Saturday morning, purportedly sent to him by an insider at the Trump International Golf Club:

While the president spends a lot of time at his Floridian resort and golf club — MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin notes that this was the start of his 226th day at a Trump property since his inauguration — it’s still somewhat surprising to see him standing at the omelet bar waiting for his eggs just like any other random country club member, considering that, well, he’s not only the owner of the building, but also the commander in chief. If he wanted to, Trump could probably get that bespoke omelet delivered to his table, but clearly he likes to do things the old-fashioned way on his day off. As many people also pointed out on social media, this is a rather bizarre omelet bar. It looks to be fashioned out of a banged-up credenza, and, as a few eagle-eyed quipsters noted on Twitter, it sits right in front of a framed Walgreens-branded poster of Trump during his Apprentice days.

A lot of people cracked jokes about this photo over the weekend, including George Conway — the lawyer husband of Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway — as well as Congressman Eric Swalwell of California. John Oliver even got a joke about Trump waiting for the omelet bar into the season premiere of Last Week Tonight, quipping that this was, “you know, the kind of thing you do when America is in crisis.”

Here’s a roundup of the spiciest tweets about the Trump post-emergency omelet bar photo:

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