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Watch SNL’s Sketch About Cake Fails

Don Cheadle plays the creator of an extremely disturbing Sesame Street-themed cake

The newest episode of SNL includes a sketch about a baking show where the cake fails are a bit more surreal than any of the ones featured on real-life series Nailed It! and the Great British Baking Show.

In the sketch, the four contestants on the Food Network’s Extreme Baking Championship (a fictional spinoff of the Baking Championship brand), are presenting cartoon-inspired cakes that they had two hours to bake. First up is Chantal (played by Leslie Jones), a home baker who made a cake version of Olaf the snowman from Frozen that looks kind of like a giant, mangled Double Stuf Oreo. “I think my nerves got the best of me, and also I’m bad,” Chantal explains. Next up, Jimmy (played by host Don Cheadle) presents his lopsided Cookie Monster cake, which inexplicably has the name “Sean” written on his face. “I don’t know a Sean,” Jimmy tells the judges. “I don’t know why I wrote that.” The next contestant, Sandi, has a perfectly-executed Spongebob Squarepants cake that the judges can’t find anything to complain about. But shortly after she shows off her cartoon cake, Jimmy’s pastry creation starts starts talking and projectile vomiting blue goo.

“I believe that my cake is maybe such an abomination that it has maybe come to life,” Jimmy nervously tells the judges as his Cooke Monster creation (voiced by Kenan Thompson) utters “kill me” and “please destroy me.” One of the judges (played by Aidy Bryant) tells Jimmy, “That’s disgusting, but it’s also pretty creative.” As his Cookie Monster cake keeps spewing blue barf and shouting creepy phrases like “send me to hell where I belong,” a contestant named Ralph (Kyle Mooney) presents a creepily sexualized cake version of “Yoda the pesky elf,” but it’s no match for the demented, sentient Sesame Street-inspired pastry.

While the bizarre cake fails in this sketch are very funny, Cheadle and the SNL cast also perfectly capture the nervous energy of contestants on popular cooking competition shows. Check out the cake fail sketch in its entirety above, and also watch SNL’s parody of the legendary commercial for Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall below:

SNL [YouTube]

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