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Will Democrats Actually Boycott Starbucks?

Plus, $700 shoes that look like McDonald’s french fry cartons, and more news to start your day

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Will Democrats give up their $5 lattes?

Starbucks has previously been the target of boycotts and protests from conservatives, but now liberals might be gearing up for a boycott of their own: Ex-CEO Howard Schultz’s ill-advised march toward running for president as an independent has triggered major backlash from Democrats, and as Bloomberg points out, “It just so happens that those Democrats are most heavily concentrated in the urban areas and coastal states where Starbucks does the bulk of its business” — meaning a boycott could hit the coffee giant hard. But whether people actually care enough to forego their morning macchiatos will remain to be seen.

And in other news...

• Fast food, but make it fashion: These rather hideous $700 Balenciaga shoes look like the wearer has french fry cartons on their feet. [Hypebeast]

• Just when you thought Pizzagate was over, the guy who tried to set fire to D.C. pizzeria Comet Ping Pong back in January was arrested trying to climb a fence at the Washington Monument. [NBC Washington]

• A former Coca-Cola scientist is being charged with stealing trade secrets to help a would-be Chinese competitor. [WSJ]

• Extremely important question: Does Mr. Peanut have genitals? [Jezebel]

• Taco Bell should probably just hire Chrissy Teigen as a consultant already:

• Finally, here’s Kendall Jenner and Jimmy Fallon playing a game of “Food or Not Food,” which is worth watching if only to see a supermodel attempting to bite into a Croc:

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