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Watch: Can This Gadget Solve Your Indoor Korean Barbecue Problems?

Testing the Homping Grill for a perfect char without a smoke-filled kitchen

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The idea of an at-home Korean barbecue product is very appealing to chef and Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi, who has already tested (and been disappointed by) a tabletop Korean barbecue gadget. Ever on the hunt for the perfect product, Choi is taking the Homping Grill for a spin in this episode.

Retailing for $200, the Homping Grill is a completely portable charcoal grill which, thanks to a battery-powered fan that controls air and heat, can also be relatively smoke-free. That’s the promise Choi is looking to confirm in her gadget test: whether the Homping Grill is in fact “nearly smokeless,” and if it can reduce smoking by 90 percent. To give the grill a fair chance, Choi is grilling burgers (to test how it handles high fat levels) and traditional Korean barbecue short ribs.

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