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Milk Bar Is Booming, But It Won’t Be the Next Starbucks

Plus, superstar chef Massimo Bottura opens his first restaurant outside Italy, and more news to start your day

Milk Bar/Facebook

Milk Bar’s got big dreams — and $10 million to spend

Today the New York Times profiles Christina Tosi, whose Cereal Milk-slinging bakery Milk Bar is growing like crazy: It now employs nearly 400 people, which is 70 percent more than it had on payroll just a year ago. With the help of more than $10 million from investors, the company is currently working on a flagship location inside NYC’s trendy Ace Hotel, as well as expanding to new cities like Chicago and Miami. Tosi’s ultimate dream seems to be having Milk Bar desserts stocked on grocery store shelves, but it won’t be the next Starbucks: She’s determined not to grow the business too fast in order to retain the original Milk Bar charm. (Oh, and RIP Milk Bar green juice, which apparently didn’t sell very well alongside all the cake truffles and soft-serve.)

And in other news...

• Massimo Bottura, chef of the current World’s Best restaurant Osteria Francescana, just opened his first restaurant outside Italy at the W Hotel in Dubai. [Esquire Middle East]

• An ex-KFC employee settled a breastfeeding discrimination lawsuit with the fast-food giant for $1.5 million; she says she was demoted for pumping breast milk at work. [The Hill]

• Being lifestyle goddess Martha Stewart’s assistant apparently involves organizing her enema kits. [Page Six]

• Controversial (and decidedly incorrect) take: Salt is the only flavoring potato chips need. [Munchies]