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Watch: Which Electric Meat Grinder Is Best for the Home Butcher?

Testing out three varieties of popular home meat grinders

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Master butcher Leah Wolfe uses a professional-grade meat grinder whens she’s at work at Brooklyn butcher shop the Meat Hook, which is likely why she’s never attempted using an electric grinder built for the home. Still, there isn’t anyone better to help Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi try out three very popular home meat grinders in this episode.

To be tested is yet another KitchenAid stand mixer attachment (this one marketed as a “food grinder” and retailing for about $60). There’s also a standalone meat grinder from Gourmia that costs $50; and one version that doubles as a sausage stuffer for $100 from Altra. The duo is testing each gadget by grinding a blend of chuck and brisket, and seeing how each stands up against whole chicken bones before finding a clear winner.

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