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Michael Bublé Starts Rivalry With Bubly Sparkling Water in New Super Bowl Ad

A new commercial pits Bublé against Bubly

PepsiCo tapped crooner Michael Bublé (pronounced “boo-blay”) to help promote its new LaCroix-esque sparkling beverage Bubly (pronounced “buh-blee”) in a commercial that’s slated to air during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The commercial begins with Bublé walking to the drink section of a convenience store where comedian Aparna Nancherla is standing with a can of Bubly. “Blackberry Bublé, my favorite,” he says, grabbing a can of the fizzy water. “You mean BublyNancherla says. After arguing over the pronunciation of the water for a bit, a manager named Dave joins the conversation, but the singer refuses to change his mind. “It’s pronounced Bublé, I know — thanks, Davé,” he says. Their argument is interrupted by a little girl who comes up with a pen and a can of the water and says, “Can I have your autograph Mr. Bubly?” The commercial ends with the manager reprimanding Bublé for using the marker to change the name on the cans to his own.

While the Bubly/Bublé joke slightly outwears its welcome (and it can’t hold a candle to SNL’s “Hamm & Bublé” sketch), the ad will probably be a win for PepsiCo based purely on the fact that it repeats the name of this new product over and over again. In addition to the Bubly spot, PepsiCo will also be airing a Pepsi commercial starring Steve Carell and Cardi B, and a Doritos ad with Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys during the big game.

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