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20 Food Hot Takes You’ll Probably Hate-Read in 2020

Writers, consider these potential headlines yours for the taking

In-N-Out tray covered in french fires sits next to tray filled with burgers. Chenjack/Flickr

The takes flowed in 2019, keeping the internet afloat on a sea of confirmation bias, rage, and clicks — and that’s just with opinions about food. 2020 promises to deliver more of the same, so writers, if you find yourself falling behind on your traffic goals or simply bored of being liked by your own Twitter followers, consider these headlines yours for the taking:

• My Daughter’s Private Preschool Banned Her Daily Omakase Lunch Menu Because Another Student Has a Deadly Fish Allergy: Here’s Why That’s a Problem

• When You Think About It, Hot Dogs Are Technically Quesadillas

• Actually, The ONLY Good Thing at In-N-Out Is the Fries

• All Barbecue Is the Same

• Always Eat Your Hamburger With a Knife and Fork

• Sorry to This Pan: Cast Iron Is Overrated

• The Best Nugget Sauce Is Ketchup

• Starbucks Cups Should Celebrate Christmas All Year

• Only Assholes Drink Sours

• It’s Okay to Add People to Your Party Without Changing the Reservation

• Your Waitress Loves It When You Call Her ‘Hon’

• Bring Back the Amtrak Dining Car Smell

• Restaurants Could Be Louder

• All White Wine Is Better Over Ice

• Put Raisins in Literally Everything, You’ll Thank Me

• The Finest Bagels Are in Indianapolis

• Why the Middle of a Coffee Shop Is the Best Place to Take a Phone Call

• Let Your Children Run Wild in Crowded Restaurants

• It’s Not Brave to Eat Alone So Stop Congratulating Yourself for It

• Just Because You Got Your Dad to Buy Us Frappuccinos Doesn’t Mean You’re Popular, Kayleigh: an Op-ed by an Eighth Grader

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