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Wisconsin Woman Calls Cops Over Messed-Up KFC Order, Employees’ Bad Attitudes

Plus, Meryl Streep enjoyed some Wendy’s on the set of “Little Women,” and more news to start your day

KFC drive thru sign against a blue sky

Police are not for when a service worker gives you “attitude”

A Wisconsin woman called the police to a Waukesha KFC after employees allegedly made her sandwich wrong, and then were rude. “The staff tried to make her another sandwich. However, the woman did not feel comfortable eating and wanted her money back,” reported Fox6. Ultimately, the cops told her that the situation didn’t require police intervention and to work it out on her own.

We’re puzzling over what headspace you have to be in to think calling 911 when KFC gets your sandwich order wrong is the next logical course of action. But astoundingly, this is not the first time cops have been called to this very KFC. According to Newsweek, in November police responded to a call from a customer who said his order was taking too long.

And in other news...

  • In 2017, Congress passed a tax cut on American distilleries. It’s set to expire soon, which would raise taxes on distilleries 400%, which could jeopardize many craft distilleries and wineries. [NY Times]
  • During a massive heat wave in Australia, a man roasted pork in his car. [NBC News]
  • Senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker has introduced a bill to halt creation of any new factory farms, and to protect factory farm workers. It would also create a $100 billion program to encourage farmers to leave the factory farm system. [Modern Farmer]
  • Coca-Cola’s subscription box service, which sends customers new drinks before they arrive in stores, sold out within a day. [Fast Company]
  • Cheap sushi serves a purpose. [NY Times]
  • Look at this adorable photo of everyone on the set of Little Women enjoying some Wendy’s fries in their period costumes. [BI]
  • Remember when Jimmy John’s decided to give away a house? The winner lives in Honolulu, but is moving to Oklahoma to be closer to her family. And sandwiches. [QSR]
  • The families of incarcerated people regularly have to pay extra for their meals. [NY Times]
  • Ben & Jerry’s Israel is trying to come up with a flavor based on the Israeli phrase “third time, ice cream” to represent the third elections to happen in the country this year. However, “these third elections, widely considered to be indicative of a political crisis and a polarized country, didn’t mix well with the idea of an ice cream flavor, generally associated with treats and enjoyment.” [Jerusalem Post]
  • Chef Bob Kinkead, known for pioneering New American cuisine in Washington D.C., died at the age of 67. [Washingtonian]

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