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These Straws, Like Diamonds, Are Forever

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Reusable straws were a buzzy cause, then a hot trend, then quickly a cliche. But regardless of what you think about reusable straws’ ability to halt climate disaster (it’s extremely unlikely), straws make a very good gift. They’re affordable, functional, compact, and often cute or clever in design. They’re a nice complement to a larger gift should you want a fun extra (an accessory to a bottle of booze, or a thoughtful addition for the frequent home entertainer), or they can serve as the ultimate — dare we say it? — stocking stuffer. And thanks to the Great Plastic Straw Panic of the past year or so, there are tons of covetable options out there.

Misha Kahn Suck It Up Straw Set & Case

These straws are functional — stick them in a cup of liquid and they’ll convey it just fine — but their appeal is far beyond practical; these handmade sippers are true works of art. For the person who throws a stylish dinner party with a next-level cocktail game, these straws are the unexpected touch they didn’t know their drinks were missing.
Price: $100

Poketo Glass Straws Cool Set

The Poketo aesthetic — playful blocks of color, often in amorphous blob form — is everywhere right now, and though these glass straws don’t quite have enough surface area for patterning, their bright colors still add pop to any drink. The set comes with a carrying case, drawstring bag, and brush cleaner.
Price: $24

Boba Guys Reusable Metal Straw

No drink may be as intrinsically linked to plastic straws as bubble tea. Which is why when plastic straws came under fire for their environmental impact — resulting in a plastic straw ban in San Francisco — SF-based Boba Guys had to consider alternatives, including these reusable metal straws. Buy them for all your boba-loving friends.
Price: $5

Hay Sip Smooth Straw Set

The Danish design brand Hay has gone from fun MoMA Store find to full lifestyle retailer in U.S., and its set of six glass straws has the simple design emblematic of its style: clean, smooth glass; bright colors; and a subtle accordion bend that adds visual interest. The set of a half-dozen comes with a cleaning brush.
Price: $25

GIR 10-Pack Classic Silicone Straw Set

These colorful silicone straws arrive in a set of 10, with four traveling cases and five cleaning “squeegees.” But the real advantage is, for those skittish about the idea of drinking from glass or metal, these softer silicone straws are more forgiving on the teeth and shmush easily into water bottles of all sizes.
Price: $20

Articture Seoul Straw Set

When you think of metal straws, this is what you think of: thin, sleek, ever-so-subtly stylish accessories that look nice (and smugly sustainable) in your iced coffee and water. This multi-toned straws are just beyond basic enough to feel stocking stuffer-worthy.
Price: $15

CB2 Glass Straws

Why do metal when you can do clear glass? Like something out of your 10th grade chemistry lab, these straws feel clean and neat and clinical — but in a sort-of-chic way. If you’re upgrading from red plastic party cups to real glasses, this is the straw upgrade that should go along with it. The bunch comes as a set of eight.
Price: $10

Boba Tea Reusable Straw Set in Rose Gold

Like the Boba Guys straws but in that endlessly alluring shade of pink, these straws are the Instagrammable accessory for the most Instagrammable drink. Surely you have a few bubble tea drinkers in your life who are also formidable photographers…
Price: $10

FinalStraw 2.0

For the serious straw user, this foldable, portable straw is the hardiest one out there. It also makes a thoughtful gift for the constant traveler, making on-the-go drinks (on planes, perhaps) that much more pleasant in transit.
Price: $25

Hay! Natural Drinking Straws

For the person who uses straws at scale — think a parent with straw-loving kids or a party planner — these are one of the best sustainable options out there. They’re made of actual hay (yes, straws made of straw), but they don’t taste like it. And thankfully, they don’t taste like paper, either.
Price: $9.50

W&P Large Brass Pineapple Tumbler with Straw

Okay, this festive gift is clearly more of a drinking vessel that just happens to come with a matching straw than a reusable straw as such, but if you need sustainability as an excuse to buy someone a one-pound plated brass pineapple, so be it.
Price: $99

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