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Go Bananas With Fruit-Shaped Things

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There’s something about fruit — something playful, something charming, something sweet (sorry). Their dynamic, colorful, and familiar shapes have appeared on seemingly every type of product, especially clothing, over the past few years. And while fruit is often printed on stuff, fruit items that actually retain their shapes and organic forms achieve something even cooler: When worn dangling from ears or placed, unapologetically, in a faux arrangement, a slice of citrus or a handful of cherries imparts a cheekiness — and increasingly, a chicness — that’s hard to resist.

Wolf & Moon Mini Lemon Studs

For the food lover with tons of style, consider these elegant but playful lemon earrings. They’re just the right size to add some color to a business-casual outfit, and they’d make for the perfect vacation-ready accessory.
Price: $30

Jennifer Loiselle Fruit Stack Earrings

Whimsical and lightweight, these fruit-stack earrings are sure to brighten up anyone’s winter — but in particular, they’ll make an ideal gift for the friend whose personal look is pure and delightful fun.
Price: $42

Baggu Yubari Melon Standard Bag

The reusable Baggu comes in a variety of delightful colors and patterns, but for our purposes, the version featuring Hokkaido’s famous Yubari melon is the most appealing for a practical, fits-over-your-shoulder gift. It even comes with its own pouch so you can fold it up and tuck it away. (It’s not melon-shaped, per se, but you’ll have to forgive us.)
Price: $12

Devon Made Glass Fruit

There is fake fruit, then there is the coolest (albeit priciest) fake fruit we’ve ever seen. These frosted glass pieces created by artist Devyn Ormsby aren’t masquerading as the real thing so much as upstaging it, making you wonder why anyone ever put real fruit in a bowl when they could just stick these beauties in the middle of their table instead.
Price: $246

& Other Stories Citrus Fruit Pendant Earrings

Fruit shapes can be cheeky without being cutesy. These metal earrings from H&M spinoff store & Other Stories are subtle and understated, but they still make a statement — that statement being, “Look how cute and playful and also very fashionable I am.”
Price: $29

Andy Warhol Yellow Banana Pop Art Plush Pillow

One little banana can evoke so much. This Kidrobot plush piece — a 3D version of Warhol’s iconic fruit — is the perfect winking accent for the couch or bed of your most artistically inclined friend who doesn’t mind a little humor in their home.
Price: $20

Novogratz by Momeni Avocado Accent Rug

That friend with beige carpets, white walls, and an otherwise unremarkable furniture selection? She needs this clever rug underfoot to provide a pop of color and wit to the room in a relatively low-stakes way.
Price: $30

La Lisette Leather Grapefruit Clutch

If you can’t have fun with a clutch bag (or makeup bag, or pencil case, or repository for iPhone chargers and headphones — really, the use cases are endless), then what can you have fun with??
Price: $61

Lilly Pulitzer Orange Slice Bottle Opener

Forget that it’s actually a nice shape to grip in your hand as you pull. This bottle opener is also so adorably charming that you (or whoever you kindly gift it to) should probably keep it on their countertop (or coffee table…) even when no bottles need opening.
Price: $7

Handblown Glass Cherries

Anyone who’s ever considered fake fruit tacky or cheap hasn’t beheld these singular glass cherries, made out of handblown glass for an uncannily realistic result. Each one a miniature piece of art, these little cherries are cheery, tasteful additions to any coffee table — in a bowl or not.
Price: $38

Meri Meri Fruit Pom Pom Paper Clips

Everyone knows somebody who loves stationery, and that somebody would definitely love to have these ultra-adorable fruit pom pom paper clips in their lives. Be the person who gives them the gift they had no idea they needed.
Price: $9

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